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We want everyone to get FutureFit, so we've created a range of packages and resources to support everyone on their journey to reduce their impact. Whether you are a small business or large corporate looking for ways to engage your staff in sustainability, or a community group or teacher wanting to challenge whanau or friends to get involved, FutureFit has something for you.

Download our FutureFit Brand Guidelines and font.

FutureFit in business - for corporates

To help corporates embed low carbon behaviour, we have gone one step further by developing FutureFit in business, a staff engagement tool for large New Zealand businesses. Particularly those who are signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition and have made a public commitment to measure and reduce their emissions.

FutureFit in business enables you to engage your employees to undertake low carbon behaviours. A comprehensive launch package assists with planning your launch and keeping staff engaged over time. The ability to create teams introduces a competitive edge, and a business-wide leader board enables staff to see how they are tracking within the organisation. Watch our short video showcasing FutureFit.

Your 12-month user license includes the following benefits:

  • A customised FutureFit page
  • Corporate dashboard
  • Launch strategy and communications collateral
  • Onboarding and support
  • 12-month activation plan and sustained programme support

If you would like to know how FutureFit could benefit your workplace, and to enquire about pricing for your bespoke corporate package, please contact us.


Get your staff FutureFit

New Zealand businesses can use FutureFit for free to engage staff with climate change and reducing their carbon footprints. We encourage small and medium enterprises to access our FutureFit support resources, which include downloadable posters below and communication templates here.

Energy Efficient Shower Compost Meat free burger
Plant a native Public Transport Reusable cup

There are lots of easy things you can do to promote FutureFit in your workplace:

  • Email your colleagues inviting them to discover their carbon footprint and take action to reduce it.
  • Talk about FutureFit in your team or department meetings encouraging colleagues to take part.
  • Include an article in your internal newsletters.
  • Create a team and invite your colleagues to join – then compete against other Aucklanders on the team leaderboard.
  • Hold a lunchtime learning or event to engage people with the tool. You may like to bring local vegetarian kai or focus on a specific theme i.e. transport, food, power or living.
  • Run a 4-week challenge for your workplace where teams compete against each other to see who can save the most carbon/has the lowest carbon footprint/completes the most actions. Prizes are a great incentive to encourage people to take part.
  • You may like to socialise the topic of climate change and carbon footprints before your challenge starts. Here is a short video that you could include.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about FutureFit could benefit your workplace please contact us.


FutureFit nationwide

Several councils across New Zealand have declared a Climate Emergency, while many more are actively looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions. In collaboration with the Gen Less initiative, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority is currently enabling access to FutureFit for all New Zealanders. FutureFit can be used as an effective local tool to support Council sustainability and carbon reduction programmes.

If you are a council and would like to know more contact us for further information about how your council can use and promote FutureFit.


Get your Community FutureFit

FutureFit is a great way to get your community, friends and family engaged in taking action to reduce our carbon footprint. It gives you an instant snapshot of your impact on the planet and, because everyone's footprint is different, FutureFit provides personalised actions and reminders. This helps you to turn your intention into action and track your progress to reduce your impact in an easy and fun way. FutureFit shows how all our individual actions add up to make a collective difference to our emissions.

Ideas for introducing FutureFit to your community:

  • Gather some friends, provide some vegetarian local kai or host a clothes swap... invite everyone to register on FutureFit and answer the questions before the event; then spend time choosing actions or set up teams when you meet up.
  • Set up a FutureFit whanau challenge - families or neighbours set up teams and compete to see who can reduce their footprint the most or the fastest over a set time. Share how you are getting on and how you can support each other to make changes - e.g. buying food collectively, carpooling, sharing tools, or testing new recipes.
  • Host a FutureFit competition or set a collective goal to reach - award weekly or monthly prizes to those who join in, e.g. who has reduced the most carbon, completed the most actions, or reached their goal.
  • Put up some posters or set up a FutureFit display encouraging climate action at your local community centre, library, school or workplace - this could be around a specific types of actions or local services e.g. bike repair hubs, energy saving tips, how to reduce waste, growing food at home or find your local community garden.

Resources for you:

Energy Efficient Shower Compost Meat free burger
Plant a native Public Transport Reusable cup

Contact us if you'd like more information on community activations or a presentation on FutureFit.


Students get FutureFit

FutureFit is a great resource for teachers and students alike. This interactive online tool is more than your average carbon calculator. Students are able to save their carbon footprint scores, set goals and team up with their classmates and friends to see the impact we can all make together.

We don't currently offer a tool that calculates a school's carbon emissions, but we'll keep you posted as we continue to develop in this space. Check out Enviroschools, your local council, or for sustainability teaching resources or support.

If you are in Auckland the Sustainable Schools team can offer further advice and support, contact us for more information.