Teachers' guide

This simple yet powerful tool will not only calculate a students’ carbon footprint, it helps ease climate anxiety supports students to set up specific goals and actions to support life-long environmentally responsible behaviour.

Students can join up with their friends to create a carbon reduction team! They will be able to see how a small change in behaviour, when done by many people, makes a difference in the fight against climate change.

How it works

Students take around 5mins to complete the survey and get their footprint. Sign-up is as easy as entering a valid email address and phone number. Students will then be able to set custom actions and have access to a personalised dashboard that keeps track of how their actions have reduced their carbon footprint.

Students can opt to receive emails or text messages to remind them of their chosen actions. As they achieve their goals and reduce their carbon footprint, they will be receive badges to highlight their success.

Hints and tips

We have put together some quick steps and useful hints and tips specifically to support teachers to use FutureFit in the classroom.

Learning Extensions

FutureFit is a great resource for teachers and students alike. This interactive online tool is more than your average carbon calculator. Students are able to save their carbon footprint scores, set goals and team up with their classmates and friends to see the impact we can all make together.

Download these learning extension activities we have created to support teachers to use FutureFit in the classroom.

We don't currently offer a tool that calculates a school's carbon emissions, but we'll keep you posted as we continue to develop in this space. Check out Enviroschools, your local council, or www.tki.org.nz for sustainability teaching resources or support.

If you are in Auckland the Sustainable Schools team can offer further advice and support, contact Nao.Guy@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz for more information.

Printable Resources

Click on the links below to download printable:

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