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1.0KG saved
Samantha, Auckland
3,255.9KG saved
Simon, Wellington
0.2KG saved
Maria, Auckland
2.9KG saved
Kirsty, Bay Of Plenty
1.9KG saved
Heidi-Ann, Hawke's Bay
2.4KG saved
Briar, Southland
0.4KG saved
Melinda, Auckland
1.2KG saved
Lara, Hawke's Bay
3.0KG saved
James, Auckland
0.1KG saved
Michael, Manawatu / Wanganui
0.1KG saved
Zita, Wellington
32.9KG saved
K, Waikato
3.0KG saved
Annalise, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Mydeah, Auckland
3.0KG saved
chris, Bay Of Plenty
1.1KG saved
Lucy, Bay Of Plenty
0.2KG saved
Jackson, Waikato
44.8KG saved
Juliet, Auckland
5.0KG saved
Laura, Bay Of Plenty
6.0KG saved
Molly, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Georgia, Auckland
0.5KG saved
Reuben, Canterbury
5.1KG saved
Heather, Auckland
0.5KG saved
David, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Ariel, Auckland
0.7KG saved
Nagel, Auckland
0.1KG saved
Meils, Nelson / Tasman
3.0KG saved
Fergus, Waikato
6.6KG saved
Heather, Hawke's Bay
3.0KG saved
Lizzie, Auckland
0.1KG saved
Verity, Wellington
6.0KG saved
KAREN, Bay Of Plenty
3.8KG saved
Lenhy, Auckland
0.1KG saved
Claude, Wellington
12.2KG saved
Marcus, Auckland
6.0KG saved
Nilam, Hawke's Bay
9.1KG saved
warwick, Auckland
21.2KG saved
Nicola, Wellington
0.7KG saved
Jane, Hawke's Bay
0.2KG saved
Shannen, Bay Of Plenty
3.0KG saved
Denis, Wellington
3.0KG saved
DYLAN, Auckland
0.7KG saved
Derek, Auckland
21.2KG saved
Emma, Hawke's Bay
0.2KG saved
Niamh, Auckland
5.2KG saved
Matt, Auckland
6,102.6KG saved
Darryl, Auckland
2.2KG saved
Dawn, Bay Of Plenty
15.1KG saved
Jon, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Tanya, Northland