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1.7KG saved
Liam, Waikato
0.3KG saved
Barbara, Bay Of Plenty
0.8KG saved
Meg, Manawatu / Wanganui
3.0KG saved
yu jeong, Canterbury
2.2KG saved
Linda, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Jack, Waikato
3.0KG saved
linz, Canterbury
1.7KG saved
Richard, Auckland
0.6KG saved
Shona, Auckland
0.1KG saved
Erin, Auckland
1.7KG saved
Miyuu, Auckland
3.0KG saved
Lily, Canterbury
1.5KG saved
ivy, Canterbury
0.2KG saved
Marjorie, Auckland
3.0KG saved
Brooke, Waikato
0.5KG saved
Laura, Auckland
7.5KG saved
Grant, Manawatu / Wanganui
0.2KG saved
D, Canterbury
4.4KG saved
Paul, Auckland
4.2KG saved
Alexandria, Taranaki
26.0KG saved
Jake, Canterbury
13.0KG saved
James, Canterbury
0.1KG saved
Lucca, Canterbury
0.1KG saved
Will, Canterbury
95.5KG saved
heath, Canterbury
27.3KG saved
Marcello, Canterbury
3.0KG saved
Archie, Canterbury
2.0KG saved
James, Canterbury
9.1KG saved
Thomas, Canterbury
0.8KG saved
jane, Auckland
12.1KG saved
Arlo, Auckland
1.3KG saved
KL, Bay Of Plenty
10.1KG saved
Ian, Waikato
277.9KG saved
Ned, Canterbury
0.3KG saved
Gavin, Nelson / Tasman
0.1KG saved
Callum, Canterbury
1.1KG saved
Ben, Canterbury
0.2KG saved
Teo, Canterbury
4.4KG saved
Corina, Canterbury
0.3KG saved
Kate, Hawke's Bay
1.2KG saved
Neha, Waikato
2.5KG saved
Peter, Bay Of Plenty
5.5KG saved
Alexia, Waikato
0.1KG saved
Gavin, Auckland
2.7KG saved
Becky, Auckland
0.4KG saved
Ella, Canterbury
0.3KG saved
Sadaf, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Pippa, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Steph, Canterbury
5.0KG saved
Andrew, Auckland