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Yiheng, Auckland
0.6KG saved
Lana, Auckland
0.9KG saved
Lilith, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Melissa, Auckland
1.4KG saved
Nichola, Hawke's Bay
4.4KG saved
Heather, Hawke's Bay
10.0KG saved
Annelie, Hawke's Bay
0.8KG saved
Tarryn, Hawke's Bay
0.2KG saved
Grace, Hawke's Bay
21.2KG saved
Audrey, Auckland
0.2KG saved
kusal, Auckland
14.9KG saved
Kirsty, Otago
3.0KG saved
Sarah, Auckland
0.5KG saved
Morgan, Auckland
0.7KG saved
Janneke, Auckland
12.1KG saved
Danae, Auckland
0.7KG saved
Julia, Auckland
4.9KG saved
Myrrh, Auckland
3.6KG saved
Amrita, Auckland
1.4KG saved
Danielle, Auckland
21.4KG saved
Melissa, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Angelina, Auckland
15.1KG saved
Jannik, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Isha, Auckland
3.0KG saved
anne, Auckland
1.2KG saved
Veronique, Auckland
26.0KG saved
Marty, Auckland
86.0KG saved
Jonathan, Wellington
0.6KG saved
Renee, Auckland
1.9KG saved
Leyi, Auckland
2.1KG saved
Suzi, Northland
520.9KG saved
Harriet, Canterbury
0.6KG saved
Danni, Auckland
1.8KG saved
Yeji, Auckland
9.1KG saved
Benjamin, Wellington
6.0KG saved
nadia, Waikato
1.4KG saved
Lucy, Canterbury
0.6KG saved
Keegan, Canterbury
2.2KG saved
james, Nelson / Tasman
34.7KG saved
Selena, Auckland
0.6KG saved
Olivia, Canterbury
0.5KG saved
Matt, Canterbury
6.6KG saved
Bridget, Wellington
0.4KG saved
James, Auckland
15.1KG saved
Mark, Canterbury
24.7KG saved
Jayjay, Auckland
0.6KG saved
Cindy, Auckland
0.9KG saved
grace, Auckland
0.3KG saved
Zoe, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Zoe, Nelson / Tasman