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0.8KG saved
Josie, Wellington
0.6KG saved
Greer, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Cushlia, Canterbury
23.3KG saved
Vanessa, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Anna, Auckland
25.0KG saved
Mandy, Auckland
3.7KG saved
Bianca, Auckland
11.6KG saved
vicky, Auckland
5.2KG saved
Lynn, Auckland
3.0KG saved
Ellie, Taranaki
2.3KG saved
Leigh, Auckland
462.0KG saved
Wade, Auckland
6.0KG saved
Emily, Canterbury
3.0KG saved
Kate, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Keri, Otago
3,255.9KG saved
Tom, Bay Of Plenty
0.7KG saved
Bree, Gisborne
83.9KG saved
Jess, Canterbury
1.1KG saved
Sam, Auckland
0.2KG saved
Horiana, Hawke's Bay
0.2KG saved
Cathy, Auckland
3.3KG saved
Gunilla, Wellington
18.1KG saved
Grace, Wellington
2.9KG saved
Barbara, Auckland
25.0KG saved
Henry, Canterbury
0.2KG saved
Finnian, Canterbury
0.1KG saved
Tim, Canterbury
0.8KG saved
Danielle, Waikato
0.9KG saved
Dylan, Marlborough
8.3KG saved
Dion, Auckland
5.0KG saved
Andy, Auckland
4.2KG saved
Rachel, Auckland
3.0KG saved
Cynthia, Auckland
0.9KG saved
Joy, Auckland
1.3KG saved
Liz, Waikato
3.0KG saved
Joanna, Auckland
0.8KG saved
Clinton, Auckland
1.5KG saved
Lisa, Auckland
0.4KG saved
Leanne, Auckland
0.1KG saved
Michelle, Auckland
2.0KG saved
Tipene, Auckland
0.6KG saved
Neda, Auckland
3,255.9KG saved
Kate, Auckland
3.0KG saved
KAREN, Auckland
8.5KG saved
Danielle, Auckland
3.0KG saved
Keren, Auckland
44.8KG saved
Anita, Auckland
3.3KG saved
Melanie, Nelson / Tasman
3.0KG saved
Kim, Canterbury
231.5KG saved
Michele, Wellington