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Do you want to get an idea of the impact of your current lifestyle? Are you looking for new ideas on how you can make a difference? Interested in challenging your friends or colleagues to take action?
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Whether you’re starting out on your journey or you’re looking to step up your game FutureFit has something for you. Get a snapshot of your impact in around 5 minutes or take your time and use FutureFit to set goals, track, and share your progress.

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Who's getting FutureFit

Here are some activities people are doing to step up their game and reduce their impact.

  • Julie, Auckland

    5,751.9Kg carbon saved

    Travel within New Zealand
  • Kim, Auckland

    6.4Kg carbon saved

    Buy and eat local, in-season
  • Natalie, Auckland

    3,255.9Kg carbon saved

    Travel within New Zealand
  • Nicholas Charles, Auckland

    0.1Kg carbon saved

    Use a clothesline outside
  • Fliss, Auckland

    6.0Kg carbon saved

    Have a meat-free day
  • Sophia, Auckland

    0.2Kg carbon saved

    Take shorter showers

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