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Sally, Auckland
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Reuben, Auckland
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gay emo draco, Marlborough
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katharine, Auckland
462.0KG saved
Rebecca, Auckland
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Kellie, Gisborne
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Rakesh, Northland
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Jay, Auckland
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Miles, Nelson / Tasman
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toby, Nelson / Tasman
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Jamie, Otago
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Laura, Auckland
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Nat, Auckland
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Daniel, Auckland
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James, Hawke's Bay
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Coral, Auckland
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Victoria, Manawatu / Wanganui
9.1KG saved
Julia, Bay Of Plenty
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Chris, Auckland
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ginny, Wellington
11.6KG saved
Zach, Waikato
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Katalina, Auckland
12.1KG saved
Jo, Auckland
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Alice, Wellington
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Brendan, Hawke's Bay
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Annastasia, Auckland
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Sheka, Auckland
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, Auckland
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Nicola, Auckland
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Tonu, Auckland
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Lily, Canterbury
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Edward, Auckland
15.6KG saved
Celia, Auckland
98.7KG saved
Mon, Hawke's Bay
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N, Auckland
0.7KG saved
Tintu, Hawke's Bay
0.9KG saved
Trisha, Auckland
11.7KG saved
Karen, Canterbury
462.0KG saved
Martin, Wellington
3.0KG saved
Debs, Auckland
0.4KG saved
Nick, Northland
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Jo, Canterbury
20.9KG saved
Callum, Canterbury
462.0KG saved
Anastasia, Auckland
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Sydney, Auckland
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Caren, Northland
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Kamalpreet, Auckland
1.3KG saved
Aimee, Canterbury
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Eliza, Auckland
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Mavi, Auckland